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Water heater

Apart from poor performance and high energy costs, many potential dangers can result from improper water heater installation. That's why choosing the right contractors can make all the difference. If your water heater is broken or in need of maintenance, our licensed expert technicians can often schedule an appointment and have the problem fixed the very same day.

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  • Installation by Only Skilled Licensed Contractors
  • Post-Installation Inspection
  • Post-Installation Clean Up
  • Project Supervision Throughout Every Stage of the Process
  • Every Safety Precaution Will Be Taken to Prevent Potential Hazards in the Future

Call the professionals at Master Plumbers to schedule an inspection of your hot water system.  We provide free phone consultations and on-site quotes to provide you with the best options in equipment and warranty suited to your needs and budget.

Don't get tensed over water heater repairs, either. We will take plumbing problems off your back. You may service a water heater through us and we hire us to install it. Whether your plans are for residential or commercial applications, one thing you can count on is saving energy, which in turn helps save money, and the environment! Call us today for an appointment!